Word Ministries' Prayers That Avail Much 
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A Christian Counselor
A Company, Office or Department
A Group Member Experiencing Grief or Loss
A Ministry in Need of Finances
A Person Experiencing Grief or Loss
A Person in Need of Protection
A Person in Need of Salvation
Abiding in Jesus
Adopting a Child
Adoration: Hallowed Be Thy Name
American Government
An AIDS Patient
An Employer's Personal Prayer
Analyzing a Report
Assuring the Success of a Business
Beginning Each Day
Being Equipped for Success
Being Protected While Traveling
Blessing Our Children
Blessing the Household
Breaking the Curse of Abuse
Casting Down Imaginations
Child's Future
Children at School
Choosing a New Bank
Church Teachers
Comfort for a Person Who Has Lost a Christian Loved One
Committing to a Fast
Committing to a Life of Purity
Communication With Group Members
Compatibility in Marriage
Complete in God as a Single
Complete in Him as a Single
Conducting a Meeting
Conquering the Thought Life
Controlling Conversation by Wisdom
Correcting an Employee
Creating New Products and/or Services
Daily Prayer of Thanksgiving
Dealing With a Child With ADD/ADHD
Dealing with an Abusive Family Situation
Dedication for Your Tithes
Dedication of Your Tithes
Deliverance from Corrupt Companions
Deliverance from Cults
Deliverance from Habits
Deliverance from Mental Disorder
Deliverance From Satan and His Demonic Forces
Developing Healthy Friendships
Developing Patience
Developing Perseverance
Dismissing an Employee
Divine Intervention: Thy Kingdom Come
Enjoying Prosperity
Establishing Communication
Facing a Financial Crisis
Facing Financial Crisis
Finding a Mate
Finding Favor With Others
Finding Favor with Others
For a Godly Support System (Through Church or Other God-Appointed Relationships)
For Children With Special Needs
For Confidence in Your Prayers
For Confidence in Your Relationships
For Emotional Healing
For Favor
For God's Supply of Your Every Need
For Good Communication
For Good Communication With Your Children
For Health and Healing in Your Home
For Peace
For Respecting Each Other
For Safety
For Victory in Court Cases
For Wisdom in Daily Financial Decisions*
For Your Children
For Your Children in Different Stages of Adolescence
For Your Children's Future
For Your Children's Wise Choice of Friends
For Your Family Members
For Your Future Spouse
Forgiveness: Forgive Us Our Debts
Forgiving Others
Giving Thanks To God
Giving the Offering
God Is Your Provider
Godly Order in Pregnancy and Childbirth
Godly Wisdom in the Affairs of Life
Guidance and Deliverance: Lead Us Not Into Temptation
Handling Accounts Payable
Handling Accounts Receivable
Handling Household Finances
Handling the Day of Trouble or Calamity
Handling Unpaid Bills
Harmonious Marriage
Healing for Damaged Emotions
Healing from Abuse
Healing of the Handicapped
Health and Healing
Hedge of Protection
Hiring a New Employee
Home and Family
Husband's Prayer of Blessing for his Wife
Improving Communication
Improving Communication Skills
Improving Harmony and Cooperation
In Court Cases
Increasing Productivity for Another
Increasing Sales
Individual Growth
Knowing God's Plan for Marriage
Knowing God's Will
Knowing God's Plan for Marriage
Leaders of Our Country
Letting Go of Bitterness
Letting Go of the Past
Lifting Up Employees
Lifting Up Vendors
Loving and Caring for Self
Maintaining Good Relations
Making a Difficult Decision
Making Decisions on the Basis of Love
Manifesting Gentleness
Members of the Armed Forces
Ministers to the Incarcerated
Ministry in Nursing Homes
Moving to a New Location
Nations and Continents
Office Staff
Overcoming a Business Failure
Overcoming a Feeling of Abandonment
Overcoming a Feeling of Rejection
Overcoming a Feeling of Rejection and Inferiority
Overcoming a Sense of Hopelessness
Overcoming Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Overcoming Discouragement
Overcoming Hypersensitivity
Overcoming Impatience
Overcoming Impatience
Overcoming Infidelity
Overcoming Intimidation
Overcoming Negative Work Attitudes
Overcoming Negative Work Attitudes
Overcoming Prejudice
Overcoming Rejection in Marriage
Overcoming the Day of Trouble
Overcoming Weariness
Overcoming Worry
Parent's Prayer of Blessing for Children
Parenting Skills
Peace in a Troubled Marriage
Peace in the Family
Peace of Jerusalem
Peaceful Sleep
Perseverence in Prayer
Person in Need of Employment
Personal Prayer of a Pastor for the Congregation
Pleading the Blood of Jesus
Pleasing God Rather Than Men
Praise: For Thine is the Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory
Prayer at Quitting Time
Prayer for a Fired Employee
Prayer for a New Employee
Prayer for a Superior
Prayer for a Teenager
Prayer for Adult Children
Prayer for an Increase
Prayer for an Increase in Personal Productivity
Prayer for Company Executives
Prayer for Convening a Meeting
Prayer for Ending a Meeting
Prayer for Freedom
Prayer for Ministers After They Have Ministered
Prayer for Ministry Partners II
Prayer for Prison Inmates
Prayer for Self
Prayer for the Company
Prayer for the National and Local Election
Prayer for the Success of a Business
Prayer for Your Children's Safety
Prayer of Blessing at the Table
Prayer of Blessing at the Table
Prayer of Blessing for Children
Prayer of Blessing for the Household
Prayer of Commitment to Employer
Prayer of Daily Dedication to Service
Prayer of Thanksgiving for Food Eaten While Traveling
Prayer When Passed Over for Promotion
Prayer When Persecuted at Work
Prayers for Ministry Partners
Preparing a Budget
Preparing Self for Marriage
Promoting Someone
Prosperity for Ministering Servants
Protection and Deliverance of a City
Protection for Travel
Protection From Terrorism
Provision: Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread
Purchasing New Equipment
Receiving a Discerning Heart
Receiving Forgiveness
Renew Fellowship
Renewing the mind
Resting in the Lord
Restoration of Your Children's Mind, Will, and Emotions
Salvation of the Lost
School Systems and Children
Seeking Safety in a Place of Violence
Selling Real Estate
Serving Customers
Setting Aside the Tithe
Setting Proper Priorities
Showing Mercy
Single Believer
Single Female Trusting God for a Mate
Single Male Trusting God for a Mate
Spirit-Controlled Life
Strength to Overcome Cares and Burdens
Submission: Thy Will Be Done
Submitting All to God
Success in Business
Success of a Conference
Success of a Meeting
Taking on a New Partner
The Body of Christ
The Children
The Home
The Nation and People of Israel
The New Creation Marriage
The People of Our Land
The School Systems Your Children Attend
The Setting of Proper Priorities
The Unborn Child
Those Involved in Abortion
To Be Filled With the Spirit
To Be God-Inside Minded
To Be Well-Balanced
To Bear Fruit
To Break the Curse of Abuse
To Bring Honor to God as a Parent
To Cast Down Imaginations
To Cast Your Cares on the Lord
To Choose Godly Friends
To Conquer the Thought Life
To Control the Tongue
To Dedicate a Business to God
To Develop Patience
To Discipline in Love
To Discuss Remarriage With Your Children
To Discuss the Divorce, Separation, or Reason You Are Raising Your Children Alone
To Display Integrity
To Exercise Humility
To Exercise Self-Discipline
To Forget Failure
To Get Past the Past
To Give Your Finances to the Lord
To Glorify God
To Go Forth in Peace
To Have Appropriate Self-Esteem
To Have Confidence
To Have the Answers to the Questions Your Children Ask
To Help Others
To Honor God in Business Dealings
To Know God's Will
To Let Go of Bitterness
To Live Free From Fear
To Live Free from Worry
To Make Tithes and Contributions
To Move to a New Location
To Obtain and Maintain Godly Character
To Operate a Business as an Outreach
To Operate in Discernment
To Overcome Discouragement
To Overcome Fatigue
To Overcome the Feeling of Rejection
To Parent With Wisdom
To Please God Rather Than Man
To Please God Rather Than Men
To Pray
To Put On the Armor of God
To Put on the Armor of God
To Receive a Discerning Heart
To Receive Jesus as Savior and Lord
To Receive Jesus as Your Lord and Savior
To Receive the Infilling of the Holy Spirit
To Rejoice in the Lord
To Renew Your Mind
To Seek Wisdom
To Set Proper Priorities
To Submit to God
To Trust in God
To Trust in the Lord
To Use Discretion
To Walk in Forgiveness
To Walk in Forgiveness
To Walk in God's Perfect Will
To Walk in God's Provision: "Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread"
To Walk in God's Wisdom and His Perfect Will
To Walk In Love
To Walk in Love
To Walk in Sanctification
To Walk in the Word
To Watch WhatYou Say
To Watch What You Say
Undertaking a New Project
Unity and Harmony
Victory in a Healthy Lifestyle
Victory Over Depression
Victory Over Fear
Victory Over Fear
Victory Over Gluttony
Victory Over Pride
Vision for a Church
Walking in Humility
When Desiring to Have a Baby
When Desiring To Marry
When Facing Sexual Temptation
When Marriage Vows Are Broken
Wisdom for Your Children in Daily Living
Your Children's Direction for Life
Your Children's Relationships