Word Ministries' Prayers That Avail Much 
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Satan's Distractions
Put on the Armor of God
The Prayer Burden
To Pray or Not to Pray Aloud
A Question from a Prayer Partner
Response to a Mother's Prayer Request in a Divorce Situation
Praying for a Wayward Child from a Mother's Heart
Praying for an Addicted Family Member
The Global Company of Intercessors Prays for the World
Invitation to a Prayer Journey
Happy New Year!
Question: Who is Jesus
A Christmas Memory
Question: Why are you changing the name of the "Online Prayer Group" to the "Global Company of Intercessors?"
A True Confession
Question: Would you send information, please, about your ministry?
Question: What is Apostolic-Prophetic Intercession?
Questions from a Prayer Partner
Question from a Prayer Partner
Answering Questions and Responding to Comments
Prayers for Such a Time as This
Prayers for Contemporary Times
Praying in Contemporary Times - Part III: The Prayer
Praying in Contemporary Times - Part II: The Interview
Praying in Contemporary Times - Part I
Lives Turned Upside Down
Why Build a Prayer Garden?

Ministry Update - September 2, 2010
God Speaks Through Dreams
From Bumps and Bruises to God's Glory--by Lane Holland
Chapter I: Hearing the Voice of God
Chaper II: My Thoughts or God's Voice
The Melody of the Faithful--by Lane Holland
Praying One for the Other
When People Pray
The Christmas Dream
Where Do We Go From Here?
A Call To Prayer
Overcoming a Feeling of Rejection - Part 1
Overcoming a Feeling of Rejection - Part 2
Notes From My Personal Journal
Godly Influence in Government
A Prayer Weekend
Choose To Lose Self
Deliverance from Depression
The Garment of Praise
Prayers That Avail Much Goes Traveling Part 1 - Encountering Another World
Prayers That Avail Much Goes Traveling Part 2 - Surprise, Suspense and the House of Prayer
Prayers That Avail Much Goes Traveling Part 3 - Overnight at the Kasbah
Prayers That Avail Much Goes Traveling Part 4 - The Prayer Team at Work
Prayers That Avail Much Goes Traveling Part 5 - Jesus Loves The Little Children
Pray for our School Systems
The Love Factor
A Message to a Desperate Wife--Part 1
A Message to a Desperate Wife--Part 2
Do You Believe?
A Message to Women of God
When Adult Children Go Astray
Speak the Word Only
Prayer is a Lifestyle
What is Prayer?
Personal Prayer Time
Because He Loves Us: Corrected and Disciplined
Purpose of Intercession
Praying in the Spirit
Praying in Agreement with the Will of God
The Beginning of Another School Year
A Testimony of God’s Goodness
Scriptural Prayer Produces Results
When Life Becomes Overwhelming
Deliverance from Depression: A Personal Testimony
This is the Hour!
Prayer Prepared the Way for a Miracle
First Things First
A Co-Laborer With God
Germaine's Morning Meditation
The Prayer Bells Are Ringing
Personal Growth Through Intercessory Prayer
An Open Invitation
Praying the Word
Commit to Pray
Quiet Times With God
The Power of Praise
He Came for My Vow
Letting Go of the Past and Moving On
Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella
A Winning Attitude
Praying According to God's Word
A Real Makeover!
When Mothers Pray
A Moment With God
Hold On! Let Go! Yes!
Too Busy to Pray
When We Don’t Know How to Pray
Christmas Memories
A Personal Relationship With the Father
A Mother of Faith
Little Turtle's Revelation
All Around the World We Stand United in Prayer
Getting Your Family Saved
Freedom is Costly
Renewing Your Mind Through Prayer
Prayers of Manipulation Lack Manifestation, Part I
Prayers of Manipulation Lack Manifestation, Part II
Pray Without Ceasing
The Night My Life Changed
United in Prayer We Stand
A Day of Calamity
The Spilled Coffee
Teaching Your Children To Pray
Are We Teaching Our Children The Truth About Freedom?
Praying Mothers
A Celebration of Life

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